My Perfect Day…Almost

14 Nov

I absolutely don’t wear suits…

I have to work, I have to do Grad school (for now) and I have to take care of basics that keep my life rolling.  Really, the “perfect day” would include golf, beer, time with my family, a mountainside or beach or something like that.  But given the limitations I have, I am going to explore a perfect day, week, month and year.  Building a life that gives me what I want and that I am happy with.  My shotgun spray of attention to things right now isn’t providing that.  I feel harried and hectic, sluggish and way out of shape.  If I am going to build a schedule of a perfect day, I have to start with somethings I hope to get out of my day.  Here they are:

  1. Time with my family.  Some days pass and I see very little of my kids, especially Juliet, and my wife.  That seems crazy to me.
  2. Time to work out.  It is not approaching two years since I have been regularly active.  Two years.  That is just crazy, especially if I want #1 to happen for a long time.
  3. Time to do be good at work and school.  There are periods in my life when I am just treading water as a teacher.  I want to be able to spend time enjoying my job and my role as a grad student.  I have made a choice to do both.  Might as well have fun with them and feel good about what I am doing.
  4. Time to chill, nap, relax, walk, pick lint out of my bellybutton,  or whatever else I want to do.  A bit of “ME” time.
  5. Blog.  I like it.  It helps me think and grow.

With all this in mind, here is a Daily schedule that can allow for all of this.  Sacrifices have to be made, but the rewards are there too.

5:30- Wake Up and Head to the Gym for an Hour of Working Out.

6:30- Home and walk the dog

7:00- Shower, Breakfast and off to work

8-3:30/4:00- Teach, plan and work at school

4:00-5:00- ME time.  Do whatever I feel like doing…other than work.

5:00-7:30/8:00- Family Time- Dinner, baths, play with the kids, bedtime.

8:00- Grad School/Blogging/Planning

9:00- Chill time with TV and (hopefully) Staci

10:00/11:00 Bed

If I were to follow this, the breakdown is as follows:

Family Time 3-4 hours

Work- 8 Hours

Grad School 1 hour

ME/Workout/Chill 3 hours

Clearly, work intrudes on this (I have evening study hall once each week) and there will be days when I have so much to do I have to break away from what I want to do.  That’s life.  Key here though is hat while I am very willing to plan out the things I “have” to do, so often I simply hope I will be able to find things I “want” to do.  This should help with that.

In fact, I see that I am in my “ME” time.  I have tons of work to do, but if this is going to be real, I have to respect it.  Perhaps a walk with my dog…

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